Kusatsu Honjin at Kusatsu city is very important place for transporting to Tokyo,Kyoto, Hokuriku (north parts) and Nagano (middle parts at 16 DC to century(Edo period)53 days were needed from Tokyo to Kyoto and Kusatsu is 52nd place before Kyoto.There are two main inn (Honjin for heghest samurai ) and 74 inns where Samurai, merchants and common people could stay.

Still now, business location is best suited for transportation. Biggest factories and transporting warehouses are located in Kusatsu city.

You may understand that  Kusatsu city is very important business location.

Nowadays, Changing Kusatsu city and

our business.

There are the biggest hotels at JR Kusatsu

station area and the larger factory zones,

large universities, department stores,

and shopping centers in Kusatsu city.

Boston plaza, Estopia , Mitusu Urban ,

Dai-ichi Hotels are located in the station.

With these developments, Kusatsu city

becomes No.1 city in Shiga prefercture.


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